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When it comes to horsemanship and riding, we understand the importance of building a strong foundation. The sole focus of The Pony Pals Club is to help riders and non-riders alike build a solid foundation, so they understand not only what to do, but when, why, and how to it as well. 

Through instructional videos, tutorials, and interactive educational materials such as worksheets and quizzes, we seek to help kids become safe, competent, and independent with horses. 

This is both a wonderful supplement to a riding or horsemanship program, and perfect as a stand-alone course. 

Our instructional materials are all encompassing, and include both unmounted horsemanship skills as well as mounted hunt seat riding how-tos. Through our videos you will have the opportunity to not only see how to operate in a safe and correct manner around horses, but we will also show you what not to do, and why.

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Horse Care
Horse Care

Watch hands on horse care and learn about bathing, feeding and barn chores

Riding basics
Riding Basics

Learn the first steps to getting on your horse and learning to ride

Horse Grooming
Horse Grooming

Learn grooming techniques and watch our videos with the horses

Learning through Video

Circle of Death Trailer

When you Join the Club you will be able to watch the full video, and have access to all of our other videos, quizzes, and other educational materials. Learning about horses, riding, and horsemanship has never been so easy!

How to Bridle and Unbridle Trailer

Watch and learn from the full video when you Join the Club